Aug 072012

Auria: 48 Track DAW for the iPadNow that we’ve released Auria into the world, we wanted to create a spot where we could share Auria related news and info that wouldn’t fit into a Facebook post or Tweet . We’ll be using this blog to dig into some Auria tutorials, announce future updates and ideas, and discuss some of the things that go into developing and maintaining a project like Auria.

The comment section is open on new posts, so feel free to ask a question on a particular post that relates to the particular topic. Keep in mind that for more in-depth technical support we have a dedicated web forum for just that sort of thing, as well as other support options back on the main site.

If there are specific topics you’d like us to cover, say in a future tutorial, drop us a note and let us know.

Otherwise, watch this space for upcoming articles and news. We have a few things planned and in the pipeline already, with many more ideas of things we’d like to share with you.


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