Dec 102013

Voting has now ended, thank you to all the participants!

Voting is now open in the Auria video contest! Anyone can vote for their favorite video, once per day, until voting closes at the end of Monday, December 16th.

Click here to vote!

Here is the list of 20 video finalists, in random order:

  • Songwriter Demo Studio
  • Using Auria with my band F.R.E.D.
  • Auria – Pop Kid
  • I know what the @#$% I did Last Summer…with Auria
  • Creating the album
  • Musical Team Building
  • Crazy looney music clip
  • Auria and hip hop
  • Fun Way To Use Auria
  • Ericd921 Ashes Of Babylon
  • Mixing with Auria
  • Lady of the east
  • My Auria World by Anthony Alves
  • Travelling with Auria
  • Crazy
  • Hotlips Lawson
  • Funky Turnip’s – Tick Tock
  • This is what Auria does for me
  • Auria in Shanghai
  • Bass & iPad Instrumental

Good luck to all the finalists!

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