Dec 202013

1st Prize

Auria – Pop Kid


2nd Prize

Creating the Album


3rd Prize

Musical Team Building

I know what the @#$% I did Last Summer…with Auria

Crazy Looney Music Clip


For more information on the specific prizes in each package, check out this earlier post.


These runner-up videos will receive iTunes gift cards:

  • This is what Auria does for Me
  • Using Auria with my band F.R.E.D.
  • Funky Turnip’s Tick Tock
  • Mixing with Auria
  • Songwriter Demo Studio
  • Ericd921 Ashes of Babylon “World on Fire”

Special thanks to our contest sponsors, who provided some incredible prizes for the winners: Apogee, AKG, and JBL Pro.

And thanks to Bob Bullock and David Kahne for sitting on our industry panel and judging the video submissions.


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