Dec 072012

One of the biggest features added in Auria 1.04 is support for iOS6′s multi-out support, which allows users to access more than two outputs at once with their USB/MFi audio interfaces. Now any Subgroup, Aux Send, and the Master Stereo bus can be assigned to specific hardware outputs. In order to support this we needed to add a brand new panel, the Output Matrix.

Output Matrix

Auria 1.04′s new Output Matrix

First, a run down of the various elements in the panel:

  • Listed on the left-side, from top to bottom, are Auria’s Subgroups, Aux Sends, and Master Stereo bus.
  • The currently attached audio interface’s physical outputs are listed along the top from left to right, from Output 1 up to Output 24; in this example we had a 12-output device connected.
  • The MONO button sums the selected subgroup/aux to mono (subgroups and auxes are normally stereo).
  • The INT button routes the selected subgroup/aux to the internal Master Stereo bus in addition to any other output assignments made.
  • Specific output routing can be saved as a Preset using the drop-down box in the upper-left corner.
  • RESET erases the current settings and resets the matrix back to default.

Let’s examine the example screenshot above to see some of the output routing possibilities in Auria 1.04:

  • The first two subgroups, “Kick/Sn” and “Drs/Perc” have no output assignment except for INT, which means they are simply routed to the Master bus.
  • The “Guitars” subgroup (Subgroup 3) is currently being summed to mono and routed to output 7, and is not routed to the Master bus.
  • The “Vocals” and “bkgd” subgroups are each assigned to their own stereo pair of outputs, and again are not being routed to the Master.
  • Both Aux sends are assigned to their own stereo pair.
  • The Master Stereo bus is assigned to outputs 1 and 2.

Input Matrix

We also updated Auria’s Input Matrix.

Updated Input Matrix

The two main changes here are:

  • Elimination of the tabbed “groups” along the top (i.e. “1-8″, “9-16″, etc). Now all of the project’s tracks will appear in one view that can be simply scrolled up and down with the flick of a finger.
  • Addition of the Preset drop-down, so users can save any often-used input routing for quick recall.


  3 Responses to “New IO Matrix in Auria 1.04”

  1. Hoping that you’ll include audiobus support, if you do, I’m sold.

  2. Hey! Great improvement! But Auria is not recognizing the outputs of every usb interface, as for example presonus 1818vsl eight outputs and phones ( just recognizes the stereo main output).
    Wish to see auria recognizing This outputs to get full control over that interface!

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