Dec 082015

  3 Responses to “Introducing Auria Pro – now available”

  1. Hello Auria staff:
    Hope you are doing well. I would like to bring up something, which is the Auria pro update, back in the days I was one of the very first users, if I recall correctly I paid 50 usd for the original which now if I understand correctly would be somehow close to the LE version. I was checking in the store the upgrade to auria pro and to my surprise not only its not considered that I paid the app at full price at a very early stage in which the functionality was not yet very solid, I also found that the cost to upgrade is exactly the same as the LE users, another thing is that earlier this year I received a communication that those who purchased it originally (initial users ) would have a special deal . Yet the price that it’s giving me (regardless of the 50 paid and some in app purchases) is throwing me another 40 USD harsh hit. So I am confused. Is there any way to obtain a better deal? Honestly for us that supported the app from the start, I feel we are being punished for it, and now that is more solid, I still have to pay it again almost twice at 90 only because I supported the app since the beggining. It’s pretty steep. Please kindly advise if you would be able to honor a better deal for your first customers. Thanks in advance! Alain

  2. Hi, It does not seem right commercially to charge other 40 Euros after having cost 50, while those who buy for the first time pays only 50. There is no respect for what you do. Review the operation. Riccardo

    • I bought this before and it was a steal, and I have no qualms buying it again. I’ll buy it again in 2 years also. Ignore those other jokers. A+

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