Jan 072013

Introducing Auria LE, an entry level version of the award-winning recording system for iPad.

Experience the power of Auria in a streamlined version. Record, edit, and mix your music using essential tools taken from the full version, but in a less expensive package designed for those who don’t need every feature packed into Auria. Interested in expanding Auria LE down the road? Move up to the complete version of Auria at anytime with a built-in upgrade option ($24.99) which will unleash the entire Auria feature-set.

Comparison Chart

Auria LE. $24.99 USD

Available Wednesday, January 9th, in the App Store.

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  1. [...] Auria LE will be available this Wednesday and will be priced at $24.95. It will allow an upgrade option to unlock the full featureset for $24.99. For more information, including a feature comparison visit the Auria blog. [...]

  2. [...] a feature comparison visit the Auria blog.   iPad [...]

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