Nov 112014

MoReVoX introduces their new GoldenGlue IR collection for Auria’s convolution reverb.

GoldenGlue has been created – through the custom MoReVoX IR development process – by capturing real-world studio effects chains: processing that is largely comprised of analog gear. These dense and creamy IRs will wrap themselves around your tracks and can help them sit in your mix.


GoldenGlue includes:

  • 200 unique impulse responses
  • IRs grouped into four different categories: Drums & Percussion, Guitars, Keyboards and Voices
  • Based on real-world studio effects chains
  • Available exclusively for Auria

MoReVoX GoldenGlue is available for $5.99 USD through the Auria store.

For more information, including audio demos, please visit the MoReVoX web site. Developed by Sabino Cannone.

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