Auria Pro Beta Testing

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Aug 252015

We are excited to announce that the Auria Pro Beta Program is getting ready to begin! If you’re interested in helping us test Auria Pro before launch, please fill out the following information and email it back to us: beta “at” auriaapp “dot” com


  • You must own an iPad to participate in the Beta program.
  • Due to Apple testing limitations, your iPad must have iOS 8 or later (once Auria Pro is officially launched, it will work with older iOS versions, so this limitation only applies to testing).
  • Beta testing can be challenging. We’re looking for people who are good at finding bugs and are willing to take the extra time to figure out how to make them happen!


Auria Pro Beta Application

Full Name:



Email Address:



Which iPad model(s) do you own?



Have you used any desktop DAWs? If so, please list them:



Please list any USB or MFi audio interfaces you have available to test:



Please list any MIDI controllers you have available for testing:



Have you participated in any other audio/music beta tests, and if so, which ones?



Please list any other iOS music or audio apps you use:



Please describe why you would be an asset to the Auria Pro Beta team.


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