May 212013

Here at WaveMachine Labs, we love to hear how Auria is being put to work in the real world. The beauty of an app like Auria is that it has already become integral to many studios, professional and hobbyist alike. Whether it’s tracking vocals on the tour bus or recording guitar parts in the basement, Auria is up to the task.

We recently received this testimonial from Grammy Award-winning engineer Butch Jones (Madonna, Talking Heads), who is currently the Chief Studio engineer at 825 Records:

Auria to the rescue!

While working on the Beta team for this app, I knew that it was going to be one of the best and easiest tools for engineers/producers to use with their artists.  I’ve been working with Curtis King Jr, one of the background singers for Bruce Springsteen, and the tour schedule was wreaking havoc on our recording schedule.  I needed an easy and efficient way for Curtis to record and send me additional vocals while mixing the record in his absence. On the first tour break, Curtis came by the studio and we installed Auria onto his iPad, followed by a tutorial on project downloads and recording. Since I can prep a project for each song, all he needs to do is load the project from DropBox, record to the vocal tracks I’ve already set up, and then save the project back to the “Auria” DropBox folder that we share. Doesn’t get much easier than this, and I know that everything I get back will be in sync and project matched. Since most USB interfaces are compatible with the iPad, we were able to connect our device and make use of the microphones we are already familiar with.

Butch was kind enough to also include part of the recording that he mentions—give it a listen below. Thanks for sharing, Butch!

Do you have an Auria in Action story that you would like to share? We would love to hear it! Please send them to support[at]auriaapp[dot]com.