Auria 2.11 update

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May 242017

Fixed in 2.11

  • In some cases, performing editing functions (for example moving/resizing regions, moving notes, etc) could cause Auria to crash.
  • iOS 10.3.2 introduced some issues with the way Auria reports audio CPU usage. Apple patched some security problems in Core Audio in 10.3.2, suspect this might be related to what we’re seeing. So in the mean time,  CPU warning message are disabled in this version.

Auria 2.09 update

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Mar 242017

Fixed in 2.09

  • Split issue with MIDI tracks
  • Graphics issue with track names in editor
  • Graphics issue with meters
  • Issue with Join and AIF files
  • Issue with subgroup plugins and sidechain in 64 bit mixer mode
  • Various crash and bugs

Added in 2.09

  • FabFilter Pro-R reverb plugin as an in-app purchase
  • FabFilter Pro-Q 2 now supports Spectrum Grab: tap and hold in the spectrum area to enable it
  • 5 new Twin 2 preset packs as in-app purchases
  • 32-sample buffer size