Jan 272016


  • High CPU usage when using real-time MIDI controls
  • MIDI file importing with tempo maps
  • Fixed checkbox in Import File screen for importing the tempo map
  • New version of Overloud THM, which fixes the issues with audio disappearing with certain presets


  • Added a new way to enter Piano Roll: double-tap on a MIDI region
  • Made draw mode the default mode when entering piano roll for the first time
  • Added ability to draw highlights with a single tap when in piano roll draw mode
  • Improved the way the velocity box works for multiple notes. Now it changes velocity relative to each note’s original velocity
  • Improved the way highlighting works in piano roll. Now it automatically selects all notes within the highlight
  • Changed piano roll draw mode delete to require a long tap
  • Added MIDI controller draw mode functionality now you can create and edit controllers by just drawing a curve with your finger
  • Added velocity draw mode to the piano roll view selector. This allows drawing velocity curves directly with your finger
  • Made the blue locator less intense

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