Dec 212015


  • Fixed Lyra aftertouch issue
  • Fixed issue with Convolution reverb and delay when using Low CPU mode
  • Fixed delay compensation issue when using Sidechain inputs
  • Updated AudioCopy to latest SDK, which fixes compatibility issues
  • Fixed issue with IAAs on frozen tracks still loading
  • Improved IAA compatibility with certain apps
  • Fixed issue with tempo maps not importing on certain MIDI files
  • Fixed Lyra issue in pads mode that stopped all pads being played when one finger was released
  • Fixed Lyra keyboard issue with keys not properly lighting when being pressed
  • Fixed issue with piano roll CC messages not following curves if more than one CC was present
  • Fixed issue with Bank/Patch not being properly sent
  • Fixed instrument menu scrolling issue with very long instrument lists
  • Fixed issue with triplet button in Piano Roll


  • Added “Export To Lyra as Sample” function in the Share menu allows Lyra to quickly play a WAV file across the entire keyboard
  • Changed CPU Overload message so it doesn’t stop the transport by default
  • Added new retina versions of all FabFilter plugins
  • Added new version of Turnado, which fixes issue with knobs being reset on transport stop
  • Made quantize swing delay notes instead of advancing notes
  • Added function which automatically extends imported MIDI regions to the next bar
  • Added function which automatically assigns instruments when importing MIDI files with GM programs
  • Improved compatibility with Lyra and EXS libraries

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