Sep 232014

Added in 1.152:

  • Added support for iOS8
  • Added support for Audiobus 2
  • Made “Select All” able to select locked regions

Fixed in 1.152:

  • Fixed issue with Audiobus tracks reverting to the internal mic when removing instrument
  • Fixed issue with Audiobus and recording several inputs from the same source
  • Fixed issue with multi-selecting several regions, then moving the length handle
  • Fixed potential crash with convolution reverb when the IR file is missing
  • Fixed issue with downloading purchases
  • Fixed issue with loading projects which contain no tracks
  • Fixed issue with create a new project with same name as an old project
  • Fixed issues with time stretching and potential glitches at the end
  • Fixed issue with Convolution Reverb and the offset knob
  • Fixed record level control values
  • Disabled record enabling when deleting or moving tracks

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