Apr 242014

This update fixes numerous bugs and adds ripple editing:


  • Fixed issue with auto punch not playing back until a few seconds after the end locator
  • Fixed issue with auto punch audio only outputting on left side for stereo tracks when using built-in mic
  • Fixed IAAs issue where IAA effects were recorded, even though Record Effects isn’t enabled
  • Fixed issue with preview file growing very large when exporting to dropbox
  • Fixed IAA issue on master track
  • Fixed issue with duplicating a project from inside a folder
  • Added new versions of SugarBytes Turnado and WOW2 which fix various bugs
  • Various crash fixes


  • New Ripple Edit Mode, which changes the way Cut, Copy, Paste, AudioPaste, Delete and Record function. In this mode, audio slides to the right or left after performing the operation

The Auria User Guide has been updated for versions 1.141 and 1.142, including an overview of the new Ripple Editing (page 74).

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