Mar 252014

Auria 1.141 has been released:


  • iOS7.1 bug related to 96K projects
  • Low volume issue – added option for speaker/mic processing in settings
  • Auto-input monitor – Auria now mixes the input with the playback audio automatically
  • Change to Audiobus when using Auria in the input slot (made Master the default port)
  • New versions of WOW and Turnado fixing various bugs
  • New versions of all FabFilter plugins, which fix the spectrum analyzer issue
  • New versions of all the FXpansion plugins, fixing various bugs
  • Issue with Auria incorrectly reporting the transport state and positions to IAA plugins


  One Response to “Auria 1.141 patch notes”

  1. What happened to the ability to export to mp3?

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