Oct 212013

Fixed in 1.14

  • When creating a new project, left-over IAAs from the previous project can appear in the new project
  • Some IAA plugins stutter during Mixdown and Freeze
  • Deleting a track with an IAA plugin doesn’t remove the IAA and can cause corruption
  • Convolution Reverb not working in mono to stereo configuration
  • Auria LE: iOS Status Bar not hidden
  • Crash when touching the file-type icons while in Import Audio or Load Project screens
  • When inserting an IAA on a Subgroup the insert slot name remains blank
  • Incorrect IAA sometimes loaded on Aux 2
  • Transport buttons ignore touches at the very top of the buttons
  • Max CPU shows a high number when first loading IAA
  • Using an IAA in an insert causes the playback of existing audio on that track to playback in mono until the IAA is removed
  • Missing speaker icon in Import Audio window under iOS7
  • Mixdown fails when making an mp3 in some cases
  • Importing an mp3 with sample rates other than the project rate fails
  • m4a import issue with non-English characters

Added in 1.14

  • New versions of Turnado and WOW2 plug-ins with automation support
  • New versions of FabFilter plugins: fixes an issue in iOS7 with crashing when choosing presets
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