Oct 112013

Fixed in 1.13

  • Fixed issue with Auto Cleanup when dealing with large projects
  • Fixed rare issue with Masterstrip and audio cutting out
  • Join / split issue with clicking in certain cases
  • Updated to new Audio Copy/Paste version
  • Made Auto-Input Monitor mode on by default
  • In iOS 7, the Import Audio screen would sometimes select the wrong item after scrolling
  • Fixed issue with color on New Project buttons under iOS 7

Added in 1.13

  • Inter-App Audio support (Page 88)
  • New Turnado and WOW2 plug-ins from Sugar Bytes (Page 273)
  • New in-app store support for Turnado and WOW2. If you own these apps already, the Auria versions will be unlocked automatically (Page 12)

For more information on the new plug-ins visit the Sugar Bytes website.

The Auria User Guide has been updated for version 1.13. Specific changes from the previous edition are indicated in the patch notes above by displaying page numbers which detail the new features.

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