Sep 202013

Fixed in 1.12

  • Audiobus not starting Auria LE properly
  • MIDI Remote buttons don’t work properly when port names don’t match
  • Video tab in Settings not showing immediately after purchase
  • When typing a new tempo tempo, hiding the keyboard doesn’t save the tempo
  • Audiobus crash by pressing rewind immediately after recording and then switching back to Auria
  • Can’t open non-standard WAV files generated from certain DAWs
  • Issue with Time Stretching which could cause clicks at the end of certain regions
  • Issue with silence when playing certain loops
  • Memory leak in Freeze function causes memory to remain in use when not needed
  • Master Limiter check button is pressed when enabling last plugin slot
  • New Audiobus version. Please update your Audiobus app before using Auria 1.12

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