Jul 262013

Fixed in Auria 1.11

  • Problem starting Auria with iOS 5.x
  • Load Video is greyed out
  • Record-enabled tracks are left out of Mixdown
  • Entering a different filename during Mixdown causes a crash
  • Mixdown could use too much memory when using automation
  • Bar numbering in editor should start at 1 and display odd bars
  • Bar/beat numbering for time signatures with denominators of 2
  • Issue with snapping at bar number 1
  • Tempo is not always saved after closing Time Settings box
  • Volume cuts out when using 32bit float wav files and auto-crossfade
  • Issue with setting offset trim handle to before 0 when snap enabled
  • In rare cases a corrupted project could cause Auria not to open

Added in Auria 1.11

  • Import from AudioShare menu item (User Guide page 101)
  • New CoreAudio mode settings. Allows choosing between Legacy, Standard and MultiRoute modes (page 117)
  • New FXpansion plugins: DCAM BusComp and DCAM ChanComp (page 263). For more information on the DCAM plugins visit FXpansion’s website.

The Auria User Guide has been updated with the latest changes, so please check the latest version for more details on the new features and plug-ins.

  4 Responses to “Auria 1.11 Patch Notes”

  1. Hello
    I ve a big bugs, auria with audiobus since the last update.

  2. gracias por su software, lo estare poniendo a prueba.

  3. I have problem with FXpansion DCAM BusComp. External sidechain is not working as expected. Even when I choose source for external sidechain and activate this function, compressed track is keying by itself, not external singnal.

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