Apr 222013

Fixed in 1.09

  • Fabfilter Pro-C, Volcano and Timeless plugins updated to fix loading issue
  • MP3 Import not working correctly
  • Audiobus not working when inserting apps in certain order
  • Time Stretch causes clicks on certain regions
  • Join function sometimes adds extra silence at the start
  • Opening Process Menu clears solo
  • Muted regions are now more transparent
  • Auto Crossfade (in Settings menu) works on all regions now
  • Fixed issue with accidentally entering highlight or locator set mode when double tapping in two different places
  • When recording with loop mode enabled, nothing is recorded for the first second
  • Fixed issue with no audio when using loop mode and rewinding
  • Fixed crashing issue when undo-ing freezing/unfreezing track
  • Fixed issue with plugin settings not restoring after undo-ing Delete Plugin

Added in 1.09

  • Auria Forum link added to Main Menu
  • Recent Project List added to Main Menu
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