Apr 052013

Fixed in 1.07

  • Count-in not always working properly with Audiobus
  • Count-in sometimes out of sync with previously recorded tracks
  • Delay compensation and metronome not working properly together
  • Sample rate message can cause issues with other projects
  • Cleanup function should also look at Snapshot folders before deleting unused files
  • Delete Snapshots not working correctly
  • Select Highlighted Regions not working in left-to-right orientation
  • Locked regions can move if Multi-Select or Select All is used
  • Issue with not being able to select regions in rare cases
  • Duplicate region not working properly with some snapping options
  • Undo Move Marker not working
  • Automation drawn in one parameter can affect the display of other parameters
  • Issue with automation which prevented the first control point from being moved
  • Deleting a frozen track that is also the last track in the project could cause the Subgroup plugins to be inaccessible and cause mixdown issues
  • Vertical zoom in the editor isn’t zooming properly for high numbered tracks
  • Auria displays First Launch tutorial in some low memory situations
  • Subgroup Aux Sends are always PRE, regardless of the PRE/POST setting.
  • SpringVerb becomes PianoVerb in some cases
  • Convolution Reverb not showing .wav files in folders
  • PSP Master Meter isn’t displaying levels during record monitoring
  • When navigating menus by dragging a finger, menu items lag behind the finger position
  • m4a not supported when importing audio from Dropbox
  • Some AIF files fail to load
  • In certain types of AAF projects fades are not importing
  • When mixing down a file using Locator Range the wrong song length is sometimes used
  • When mixing down using Locator Range and Import as New Track, the resulting mix is placed at the beginning instead of the IN locator position
  • Non-US characters in file names in mixdown to Dropbox not working
  • WIST mode can cause issues when working with a large project
  • The record latency offset box is not properly accepting negative numbers in the Settings window
  • Audiobus won’t allow Auria to be used as both an input and an output simultaneously
  • Audiobus recording into mono tracks not working
  • Record Level setting not affecting Audiobus recordings

Added in 1.07

  • Added Time Stretching functions using ZTX time stretching algorithm
  • Time Stretch in the Edit Window by dragging a region’s handle using two fingers
  • In Import Audio dialog, added option for automatic time stretching of both Acid .wav and Apple Loops to match project tempo
  • Automatic Region Duplication added, drag a region’s right handle beyond its end-point to add duplicates
  • When recording with Audiobus, Auria now automatically creates, names, and routes new tracks to correspond with what is inserted in the Audiobus Input slot
  • Audiobus Live Monitoring mode, this listens to Audiobus before it reaches Auria’s mixer, enabling lower latency monitoring during recording. Any record-enabled Audiobus tracks must be muted, however, to prevent hearing doubling of Audiobus parts during recording
  • Tempo Sync added for compatible plugins (like various FabFilter effects), allowing matching effect parameters to project tempo
  • Auto-Snapshot system. Will automatically generate a Snapshot every 10 minutes in a round-robin array of 10 snapshots
  • A backup Snapshot of the current project is automatically generated when loading another Snapshot
  • Made Auto Cleanup function a toggle-able option in the Settings Menu (now off by default)
  • Adjustable Disk Buffer size in Settings Menu. Use “Large” setting if you get disk overload messages when using high channel count USB interfaces
  • Real-time scrubbing: swipe 2 fingers across timeline ruler to scrub
  • Side-Chain input added for compatible plug-ins

The Auria User Guide has been updated for version 1.07, so consult the guide for more in-depth information on the new features.

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