Jan 242013

Fixes in 1.06

  • When freezing a track containing a plugin that used a preset, the name of the preset was not displayed upon unfreezing.
  • Timeline and snapping functionality not working correctly for time signatures with 8 or 16 as a denominator.
  • Some setting aren’t stored in the project (CPU meter, background audio mode) that should be project specific.
  • Adjusting trim handles on a region can cause it to pop to the front.
  • Undoing a region move doesn’t always restore the region order for overlapping regions.
  • Record options isn’t working from the Edit window when holding down the record buttons.
  • In 64-bit mode, sometimes only last plugin inserted is heard on subgroups and master.
  • In the Output Matrix, setting the aux mode to mono results in hard right panning on entire mix.
  • Can’t close record level box while recording.
  • Paste isn’t always pasting to the correct location on the timeline.
  • Snap to cursor isn’t working with highlighting.
  • After deleting tracks, mutes and solos are not always being set correctly.
  • Fixed initial snap functionality when dragging a region to a different track.
  • Selecting the locators sometimes selected the cursor and vice-versa.
  • Improved the editor double-tap to highlight functionality.
  • Select Highlighted Regions was selecting regions on all tracks within the range instead of only the highlighted tracks.
  • When bounce recording only the right side of a track, the meter doesn’t indicate anything.
  • Can’t unselect “Show Subgroup Tracks” in editor menu.
  • Solo indicator moved so it doesn’t overlap values in edit page.
  • ClassicVerbPro issue with 48k and 96k projects.
  • Automatic Cleanup function now correctly removes unused regions in projects.
  • Occasional crashing issue when updating from previous versions of Auria.


New Features in 1.06

  • Added setting for Pre/post aux sends
  • Count-in mode
  • Snapshot system
  • New stem export mode for mixdown, creates a folder containing all tracks mixed down individually with any effects and automation.
  • Support for m4a files (import and mixdown export)
  • Folder support for Convolution Reverb.
  • True multiroute support. Now the headphones plugged into the iPad can be routed independently of the other outputs.
  • Audiobus support (iPad 3 or greater suggested)
  • New plugin available as in-app purchase: PSP SpringVerb


We have also released a new version of the Auria User Guide, updated for version 1.06. The guide includes information on all the new recent features, including Audiobus, and all of the available 3rd party plugins.

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  1. How do I access the stem mix down mode? When I select mix down I still just get the normal options… Help appreciate as I’ve been wanting to be able to mix down individual tracks for a while

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