Jan 042013

Auria 1.05 is now available in the App Store. Changes include:

Fixed in 1.05:

  • In the “Load Project” dialog, Auria allowed moving the currently active project to another folder
  • Automation does not get saved when freezing a track
  • Frozen tracks do not properly compensate for latency once unfrozen (for example in plugins like Drumagog)
  • When duplicating a region when the snap is set to Bar or Beats, the duplicated region doesn’t snap
  • Changing a preset on a plugin, then undoing it, sometimes a crash occurs
  • Importing AAFs can result in MasterStrips being put in place of ChannelStrips on certain channels
  • Adding a track to a project sometimes would result in a corrupted region being added to the new track
  • Rare issue with Auria crashing after recording
  • Removing a plugin from an insert on a track, then undoing would sometimes cause the wrong plugin to get re-loaded
  • When installing Auria onto a new iPad (from a backup), the Convolution Reverb IR files list is empty

New Features:

  • Moving the Waveform Gain Slider to the left will disable waveform drawing, allowing much faster draw rates for slower iPads and larger projects
  • New Edit feature: “Select Highlighted Regions” will select any regions currently highlighted (similar to using a “lasso” tool)
  • New version of DropBox
  • New version of JamUp which fixes several crashing bugs

Plus new Fabfilter plugins for sale in the Auria Store:

  • Pro-C Compressor
  • Pro-DS De-Esser
  • Pro-G Gate
  • Pro-L Limiter
  • Saturn
  • Timeless 2
  • Volcano 2
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  3 Responses to “Auria 1.05 Patch Notes”

  1. After this update Auria crash anytimes I open it on my iPad 2 :-(

  2. on iPad 1 crash too
    need delete and install from AppStore not update!

  3. Had to un-instal and then re-instal due to crashing resulting in losing everything, but when I restored all of my plugins.. It’s left out the micro warmer? Asking me to pay again?

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