Dec 072012

Fixed in 1.04

  • Automating plug-ins doesn’t always remember the initial control positions
  • When time format is set to Bars:Beats, sometimes the counter displays incorrect times after moving the cursor around in the timeline numerous times
  • Can’t create folders with the same name as the project
  • Cleanup function does not always properly remove recorded regions which are no longer used
  • Freezing tracks doesn’t free up memory, only CPU usage
  • Pasting is possible onto frozen tracks (this should not be allowed)
  • Pasting a group of regions to a new track starting point can cause the paste to be one track off
  • When recalling a project with Convolution Reverb loaded in an aux slot, the reverb sometimes only outputs on left channel
  • Setting Record Level on a track is only possible on the first track
  • When importing an AAF file which contains .aif files and is at a different sample rate, this sample rate is not read
  • If Auria is force quit, it will report a crash the next time it is launched (this can safely be ignored, as no crash has actually occurred)
  • WIST mode starts early if Auria is in Master mode
  • Minor graphics bug when closing the settings page while a dropdown box is open
  • When Auria is started in Portrait mode and is running iOS6, the screen must be rotated in order to display correctly
  • Using a reverb effect on a short region causes the reverb tail to cut out after the region is finished playing
  • Double-tapping on the video preview window while on the edit page doesn’t make the video full screen
  • New version of THM, which fixes the issue with landscape mode on iOS6 iPads
  • When using the multi-select tool, sometimes moving a region results in the wrong region being moved
  • Plugin delay compensation is not compensating recorded tracks properly in certain circumstances

Added in 1.04

  • Support for iOS6 multiple outputs; Auria can now utilize multi-channel outputs on USB interfaces.
  • New Output Matrix panel for customizing output channel assignments for USB devices.
  • Improved the input matrix by adding scrolling instead of tabs for displaying which track assigments are on-screen.
  • New improvements to ClassicVerb. It now offers improved audio quality, smoothness, and better stereo imaging.
  • Support for embedded AAF file import
  • New JamUp plugin available for in-app purchase
  • New PSP oldTimer plugin available for in-app purchase
  • New PSP PianoVerb 2 plugin available for in-app purchase
  • New IR library HiT! available for in-app purchase
  • New drum loop library, High Voltage SR Drums
  • New multi-instrument loop library, Octane

For more information on the new In-App Purchases available in Auria 1.04, please visit this blog post.

We have posted an overview of the new multiple output routing options in another blog post.

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