Oct 092012

Auria 1.03.1

NOTE: This version corrects an issue with the initial 1.03 release that interfered with those updating from earlier versions of Auria.

New Features and Changes

  • Updated version of ReTune: fixes issue when using ReTune on lower pitched voices. Existing projects which had problems should readjust the range Size and Lower controls for best results
  • Added AudioPaste support for additional sample rates
  • When moving regions, there’s a default “snap” that prevented fine tuning of the movement during the initial move.  Added a 2 second timeout: just hold the region for at least two seconds to disable this snap behavior

New Content available through In-App Purchase

  • Drumagog GOG sample library:  “MoReVoX Drumbuster”
  • Drumagog GOG sample library: “MoReVoX Kicks and Snares” pack
  • Hollywood Loops “BIG Rock Drums”, 60 rock drum loops from Scott Rockenfield of Queensryche in .wav format

For more information on the MoReVoX sample libraries for Drumagog, visit www.morevox.com/web/samples.html

Bug Fixes

  • When using WIST mode, double clicking on the Stop or Rew buttons doesn’t return to zero
  • When using WIST with another app, the other app sometimes starts early
  • Issues with track freezing results in phantom audio being played after the frozen regions
  • Issue with Condense Regions and frozen tracks
  • Recording is possible on frozen tracks
  • If Auria is started in Portrait mode, it will not display the entire mix window
  • Time signature settings are displayed incorrectly in the settings if choosing a signature of 5/4 or later
  • Autoscroll sometimes doesn’t refresh if there are markers present
  • After recording a new region, a click could occur at the end of the region in certain cases
  • Background Audio Mode has been reverted to again work with other apps. Use with caution though as this can lead to instability
  • MP3 files sometimes have the wrong length listed in the import window
  • Doing a mixdown with Pro-Q inserted on a track and set to a non zero-latency mode results in hanging
  • Sometimes two ClassicVerb instances in the same project could interfere with each other, causing quiet clicks to occur
  • When using USB devices with only one input (Apogee Jam or Mic for example), the gain control is inactive and USB indicator doesn’t light
  • When moving a region, snap doesn’t always work correctly if the region is moved to a different track
  • When record enabling on the edit page, the record enable button on the mixer sometimes doesn’t update to the correct status
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