Aug 082012

Apple has approved Auria version 1.02 for the App Store. This update contains numerous bug fixes reported by the community, and also adds several new features including tools to help save disk space in projects.

This free update can be downloaded from the iPad App Store “Updates” tab (active internet connection required).


  • Compatibility with iOS 6 Beta
  • Added 5/4 time signature to Metronome and Bars:Beats display
  • “Condense Regions” command for trimming away unused audio in a project to save space. Found in Process menu
  • “Automatic Cleanup” deletes unused audio files in a project upon loading


  • When freezing a track, sometimes only the left channel will output
  • Pressing the Restore Purchases button in the store while loading a project makes the progress bar disappear
  • Convolution reverb sometimes not recalling saved preset when loading a project
  • iRig and other headphone jack-based interfaces have issue with monitoring while recording
  • Importing AAF files with sample rates other than 44.1 may result in the regions being placed in wrong positions
  • Freezing a track with plug-ins on it can result in the track being out of sync
  • Sometimes when assigning a channel in the input matrix, it needs to be selected the first time, even though it shows it’s selected
  • Pasting multiple tracks can result in the tracks being pasted onto the same track
  • Issue with adding track while still playing
  • .wav files from Beatmaker are not properly supported because Beatmaker writes non-standard .wav files
  • If other windows or pop-ups are open, the mixdown box won’t allow changing settings
  • While using the Multi-Select tool on the editor page, pinch zooming doesn’t work
  • When using AudioCopy/Paste, the Copy process converts the selected audio to 44.1 / 16bit even if it’s already at that format
  • When bouncing a mixdown with AIFF format the resulting mixdown occassionally is empty
  • Sometimes automation can spill over onto an adjacent track when using fader groups while automating
  • Video plays only during playback
  • Locator doesn’t always snap properly when selecting locator points
  • StereoDelay and StereoChorus time selector controls are difficult to adjust
  • Crash when un-doing certain aux plugins
  • Rare crash when AudioPasting
  • Crash when swapping tracks
  • Crash when rotating iPad while project is loading
  • Rare crash when deleting tracks and then undoing
  • Crash when using the Create New Folder button while in the Load AAF dialog
  • Crash when loading certain Drumagog gog files
  • Rare crash when selecting automation points
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  4 Responses to “Auria 1.02 Now Available”

  1. Amazing !!
    Well, just pasting an stereo file and when I’m going to mix playing in mono, strange.
    I repeat the action in other track and when pasting and play, now in stereo.
    Only this thing now.
    Thanks WML team.

  2. This is such an incredible multitrack, it’s really taken recording on an iPad to a whole new level. It’s now possible to do it all on an iPad, even the mastering. This couldn’t be more exciting, the real deal :-)

  3. Hey Guys !! i just updated auria on my ipad and now it keeps crashing ?!!
    i recently recorded 2 songs on my audio1818 What can i do?
    Are THey still SALVAGEABLE???

  4. Same here! Keeps crashing within 3 seconds of starting it up…

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