Nov 112013

The Auria video contest is underway (the deadline for all video submissions is November 22, 2o13!), and I thought it might be interesting to take a look at the prizes we’ll be giving away to the top-voted videos in the contest. We at WaveMachine Labs, along with the contest co-sponsors (Apogee, AKG, and JBL Pro), spent serious time developing packages where all of the components would both compliment each other, and form a complete recording system that revolutionized the winners’ music making. We wanted these packages to raise the game for each and every recipient.

For example, the top package includes both a C414 XLS and a C1000S microphone from AKG. The 414 is one of the most well-known and versatile mics in the world, a large diaphragm condenser that is designed to sound great on vocals and instruments alike. It has selectable polar patterns, pads, and several roll-off options, so it can be used in many different setups. But, we also wanted to give the winner a second flavor to work with, in this case the small diaphragm C1000S. Try them out separately to open up new sound options on your instruments; or use them together: recording acoustic guitar with a 414 on the sound-hole and the C1000 at the 12th fret is a wonderful combination.

So let’s take a closer peek at what is inside each of the prize packages.

First prize package (total value: $7,372):

  • Apogee Quartet Audio Interface (USA list $1395). Apogee Digital has a long history of producing top-tier converters with impeccable sound quality. Since the introduction of the JAM guitar interface in 2011, Apogee has established itself as a leading innovator in iOS recording. Quartet is the first pro multi-channel interface to make a direct digital connection to iPad, offering 4 world-class converters and mic preamps, 4 simultaneous record channels, each selectable to mic, instrument or line, 6 balanced line outputs and independent stereo headphone output. Not to mention up to 192kHz/24-bit sampling, low latency monitoring, MIDI (USB) I/O, iPad charging, and 3 assignable touchpads for output control. Quartet comes with Apogee’s Maestro App for advanced control of functions including input selection, phantom power, low latency monitoring and output routing.
  • AKG C414 XLS Studio Condenser Microphone (USA list $1499). AKG Acoustics has been producing legendary professional microphones and headphones for decades. Their current line-up combines leading-edge technologies with old-world attention to detail and, of course, passionate dedication to sound quality. The AKG C414 series has been a studio reference mic for over fifty years, and the C414 XLS is the latest version. With 9 patterns and an innovative LED overload indicator on the mic itself, the C414 XLS unites the best of classic and modern technologies. Includes shock mount, pop filter, wind screen and metal carrying case.
  • AKG C1000 S Condenser Microphone (USA list $279). This new condenser microphone offers remarkable versatility, and is well suited for a wide range of recording duties including guitar, vocals, drums, and much more. A fine companion to the C414 XLII.
  • JBL LSR6328P Professional Active Monitors (USA list $3700/pr). JBL Professional has a pedigree and engineering team that are unparalleled in the industry. Applying these unique resources, JBL has created monitors that deliver an exceptional combination of refinement and accuracy, thanks to an extensive range of innovative (and patented) design elements. The THX® pm3 certified LSR6328Ps represent the pinnacle of their active monitor line-up. LSR6328Ps are relied on by leading mixers including Frank Filipetti, Nathaniel Kunkel, Eddie Kramer, and many others.
  • AKG K712 Pro Reference Headphones (USA list $499). Designed for precision mixing and mastering, these are AKG’s best professional headphones. The over-ear design guarantees maximum wearing comfort, while providing spacious and airy sound without compromise. Hand-crafted in Austria, the K712 PROs exemplify the high quality and legendary design AKG is famous for.

Second prize package (total value: $2,295):

  • Apogee Duet Audio Interface (USA list $649). The Duet is remarkably similar to the Quartet except that (you guessed it!) it offers 2 simultaneous record channels.
  • AKG P820 Tube Microphone (USA list $999). The P820 Tube headlines AKG’s Perception Studio Microphone range, and combines warm tube electronics with a large-diaphragm, multi-pattern design. Developed with versatility in mind, the P820 Tube is a great choice for vocals, guitars, drums, brass, and more. Includes a spider-type shock mount and a metal carrying case.
  • JBL LSR305s Powered Studio Monitors (USA list $388/pr). The just-launched LSR305s are designed to provide a new quality standard for compact and affordable active monitors. Proprietary waveguide technology, developed for JBL’s new M2 Master Reference monitor, provides greatly enhanced imaging and detail. Other key features include JBL’s patented Slip-Stream™ port design and a composite neodymium tweeter. The LSR300 series monitors are destined to be game-changers.
  • AKG K240 MkII Professional Studio Headphones (USA list $259). The latest and best iteration of the famous AKG pro headphones that have been a studio standard for many decades. The K240s feature comfort, ruggedness and great sound.

Third prize packages (total value $608 each):

  • Apogee ONE Audio Interface (USA list $349). Like its bigger brothers, the Apogee ONE is Made for iOS. The ONE allows you to simultaneously record from an instrument input plus the built-in studio quality mic or an external mic. Equipped with a high quality 1/8” stereo output, and able to be operated on AA batteries, the ONE is a pro interface that fits in your pocket.
  • AKG K240 MkII Professional Studio Headphones (USA list $259). Same headphones as in the second prize package!
  • Three third prizes will be awarded!

Now, go tell us what you’re doing with Auria, and you just might come away with a new recording system!


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