Jul 122016

Auria 2.05 is now available through the Apple iOS App Store. To update visit the Updates tab inside the App Store.

Fixed in 2.05:

  • Fixed issue with Lyra and background audio mode
  • Fixed issue with keyboard entry when a bluetooth keyboard was attached
  • Fixed issue with Bounce In Place not unloading IAAs
  • Fixed issue with MIDI not outputting when track 1 is record armed
  • Fixed crashing issue when enabling plugins that used a sidechain
  • Fixed issue with side chain and delay compensation
  • Fixed issue with deleting tracks which could cause project corruption
  • Fixed GUI issue with on iPad Pro in non-optimized mode when showing 5 8 tracks
  • Fixed crash when adding, then deleting/undoing a track
  • Fixed issue with Piano Roll selections
  • Fixed Mackie MCU and HUI remote issues

Added in 2.05:

  • Added “Export to Other App” to Share menu for audio and MIDI regions
  • Added Bluetooth MIDI keyboard support
  • Added 5/8 time signature
  • Made import tempo map off by default in the import dialog

Apr 052016

Fixed in 2.04

  • Issue with Auria quitting after 50 seconds when playing Lyra
  • Pasting onto the first track
  • Bounce in place freezing if record enable is on
  • Improved touch response in Piano Roll editor
  • Meters not functioning in certain circumstances
  • Import Audio not able to access bottom two rows
  • MCU/HUI options not being accessible in MIDI settings when more than 6 MIDI outputs are present
  • Fixed crossfade button in editor
  • Reverted to original method for note overlap handling in Piano Roll; notes that overlap are now shortened instead of being deleted
  • Wrong template versions in non-Pro Auria version
  • Various graphics issues on iPad Pro
  • Master Meter window disappearing when in editor screen
  • Triplet and Dotted snapping