Jul 112014

Fixed in 1.151

  • Issue with deleting automation
  • Auria muting output when using Audiobus on an Aux or Subgroup output
  • Freezing issue with mono tracks and IAA plug-ins
  • Import issue when importing audio for video
  • Tempo issue using auto-time stretching when importing certain loops
  • International characters problem with AudioCopy/Paste
  • Issue with removing an IAA plugin and the previous plug-in getting re-enabled
  • IAA issue with mono tracks when quitting the plug-in outside of Auria

Auria 1.150 Patch Notes

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May 212014

Fixed in 1.150

  • Issue with Auria not muting its output when using Audiobus
  • Convolution Reverb issue with Mix control not recalling in certain cases
  • Issue with output assignments when in 64-bit Mixer mode
  • Sidechain issue on Subgroup channels
  • Issue with IAA plugins not restoring after undoing a deleted track
  • Issue with AudioCopy ignoring the length handle
  • Issue with using the WOW2 LFO and looping
  • Potential project corruption issue when loading a project with a conflicting sample rate to a running background app
  • Problem with renaming projects and then using Snapshots

Added in 1.150

  • “Loop to Selection” option (User Guide page 111)
  • Region-based automation mode. This feature, when enabled in Settings (Editor tab), links automation to regions so moving regions also moves the corresponding automation (User Guide page 78)
  • Ability to Cut/Copy/Paste automation data (User Guide page 78)

The Auria User Guide has been updated for version 1.150, with page numbers above indicating the relevant new sections.